the team

WombCare Mission

Our mission is to provide awareness, research, and sustainable community-based programs and policies for racialized women who have uterine fibroids, endometriosis and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).  By providing culturally sensitive and compassionate care, we hope to reduce the pain, stigma and costly complex surgeries that result from these common gynecological issues.  Our goal is to restore healing, hope, and improve health outcomes for women during their reproductive years.

WombCare Vision

Vision Statements:

Our vision is captured in the 4C’s: cultural humility, competence, compassion and community

Cultural Humility

We at WombCare Inc. recognize the power dynamics that exist between physicians and patients and how this hinders honest and open dialogue of key health concerns racialized women have.  Utilizing a patient-focused interviewing approach creates a safe, honest and open space for respectful dialogue that will lead to empowerment and success in the woman’s reproductive journey.


We at WombCare Inc. acknowledge the need for healthcare providers to be competent in their areas of expertise to ensure care for racialized women is helpful and not harmful.


We at WombCare Inc. are aware of the historical trauma done to racialized women in the form of physical and sexual abuse as well as unethical treatment by health providers.  To help restore womb health, our team aims to provide trauma-informed care with compassion which are integral to the healing process.


We at WombCare Inc. recognize the reproductive health disparities that exist in Black versus non-Black communities.  To address this gap, we will build a community of physicians, health specialists and patient advocates to develop equitable and sustainable program models to improve outcomes for women and their families.


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