Online Courses

Online Courses

WombCare is aware of the limited online resources available on healthy ways to care for one’s womb during their reproductive years.  There are even fewer resources that include rehabilitation tools,  communication, and advocacy tools for racialized communities to get the help they need. These online courses are for anyone interested to learn about ways to optimize their womb health with special focus on providing racialized communities with the knowledge and empowerment to have optimal health.

Primary Dysmenorrhea Course: Therapeutic Solutions for Clinicians


Course Description: 

This is a one-hour course for healthcare professionals who are interested in expanding their skill set on the management of primary dysmenorrhea.  In this course you will learn the historical background of menstrual health, gain understanding of the creative process of the menstrual cycle, increase your knowledge of the underlying patho-mechanism of primary dysmenorrhea, and key therapeutic modalities to help patients better manage their symptoms.


  • Brief overview of female biochemistry
  • Purpose and creative process of the menstrual cycle
  • Indicators for healthy menstrual cycle
  • Understanding the patho-mechanism to primary dysmenorrhea
  • Therapeutic modalities to manage primary dysmenorrhea


This course is intended for all healthcare professionals including physiotherapists, occupational therapists, massage therapists, family physicians, midwives, nurses, doctors, yoga therapists, kinesiologists, and OTA/PTA