Impact Metrics

Pillar 1

Stakeholders for Womb Health Study

  1. Number of stakeholders who joined the Womb Health study: 21 (9 researchers & healthcare providers, 7 physicians, and 5 core research team)
  2. Number of academic institutions: 5 (Women’s College, Mount Sinai, McMaster Health Sciences, St. Mike’s (Unity Health), University of Illinois at Chicago
  3. Number of community organizations: 4 (BHA, BPAO, WHIWH, TAIBU)

Total: 30 stakeholders


Tracking: The number of MOUs signed and collected since February 2019

Pillar 2

Number of hours volunteered by Founder on Womb Health study (grant writing, in-person and virtual meetings with key experts, and literature reviews) –  680 hours (10 hrs/week x 17 mths [April 2019 – September 2020]

Tracking: Excel spread sheet

Pillar 3

Number of attendees for online course –  9 (and counting) for Primary Dysmenorrhea course

Tracking website: registration on digital platforms (Embodia and Teachable)