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WombCare Consulting

WombCare Consulting (WCC) is a health research agency designed to address the common reproductive health challenges facing Black, Indigenous, and people of colour (BIPOC) during their life course. These challenges include uterine fibroids, endometriosis, adenomyosis, painful periods, and pelvic pain all of which disproportionately impact BIPOC folks in Canada and worldwide. The lack of research and adequate funding channels has resulted in limited population-focused interventions and poor health outcomes.

Why WombCare Consulting?

WombCare Consulting was created due to the lack of a streamlined processes to collect race-based data and population health interventions for BIPOC folks with reproductive healthcare issues in Canada. Currently there is a lack of research, funding, and strategic population level interventions to address our reproductive health concerns to bring about meaningful change. To mitigate this multi-layered issue, WombCare Consulting aims to engage in health research, policy-change, education, and clinical practice with health agencies and community partners to improve the reproductive health and well-being of BIPOC folks.

WombCare Consulting services include:

  1. Speaking Engagement
  2. Course & Webinar Development
  3. Program Development
  4. Research and Evaluation

How WombCare Consulting Works?

WombCare Consulting has a simple 4-step process when working on any project to get the results you need.


Start by building meaningful conversations with stakeholders by understanding your project needs, context, deliverables and timelines. Book your 30-minute consultation today.


During our 30-minute consultation, a simple work plan will be created to ensure both parties are on the same page of the project planning process.  This plan will be emailed and signed prior to any work execution.


This is where I put my skills to the test and provide you with the custom-made deliverables set in the workplan and presented according to your timelines.


Upon completion of all my projects, a robust evaluation form is sent to you to ensure workflow processes become streamlined and more efficient over time.

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